1/48 AW139












Good evening everyone.
Today is the production of AW139 .
It is a 1/48 scale heli-scale-quality kit and the internal mechanism uses K110 with 4 blades.
In the actual machine, the main is 5 blades and the tail is 4 blades, but I can not find just parts, so I keep it to 4 blades.
I was at a loss with the Coast Guard, Fire Department, ANH, prefectural police, etc., but this time I will make it at the Metropolitan Police Department.
Last time, I made a version of the EC135 Metropolitan Police ,,, I liked the atmosphere like a condensed miniature car, and this time I decided to play with it.
This aircraft was built halfway through the article on the home page by Director Dende, "Tips on how to make it." This time, this is a report with the body shell attached.
So, we have completed the hovering test by today without any problems.
After this, I adjusted the flight further, redissolved and started painting.
After completion, it will be exhibited at the Yahoo auction after a long time, so I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it.