JA6735  TAS  BO105

今回は、最も好きなヘリ、BO105です。ボディは今回初めて製作したドイツのCausemannというメーカーのキットです。いつも作っているヘリスケールクオリティほど正確なキットではないのですが、素材に厚みがあり比較的気楽に製作できるキットです。内部メカは、ブレード130S、仕様は、東北電力の航空部門、東北エアサービス所属のJA6735 おしどり3です。

This time is the most favorite helicopter, BO105. The body is a kit made by a German manufacturer called Causemann. Although it is not as accurate as the heli-scale-quality that I always make, it is a kit that can be produced relatively easily due to its thick material. The internal mechanism is Blade 130S, and the specification is JA6735 OSIDORI3 which belongs to Tohoku Electric Power's Aviation Division and Tohoku Air Service.



Actually, when I went on a business trip to Akita Airport. I met BO105, who accidentally flew to the Tohoku Air Service's hanger next to our company! I had a chance to visit one of Japan's precious aircrafts, the staff on the hanger. That is how I decided to make it. The BO105  is really cool! I feel German technology in pursuit of functionality. it is Messerschmitt Berkow Brome!


JA6735完成。試験飛行も無事終了です。目の高さでゆっくりローパスするBO105は、カッコいい!さて、明日は、同じくドイツ製品のポルシェ RSR 1/43の仕上げをします。

JA6735 completed. The test flight is also over. BO105 is low-pass slowly at eye level, cool!
Well, tomorrow we will finish the same German Porsche RSR 1/43.