BO105 Bell206 野外テストと撮影


I got up at 5 am today. We have carried out testing and shooting flight of BO105 (Blade 230) and Bell 206 (Blade 130) at the usual place about 10 minutes by car from the my workshop. The first two images are BO105 and the other is Bell206. In the windless morning mist, BO105 was able to fly calmly and honestly so that even beginners could feel it could fly. After this, Add 4 blades and it is the start of paint. The Bell 206 is also very easy to fly, and a real flight is possible. Especially in the sky, it was a sense of scale that was quite different from the real machine. We will upload the flight video to YouTube in the near future, so please watch it if you like. At the same time, I will also exhibit at Yahoo auction. If you are interested, please check it out as it has been adjusted with Spectrum's Dxe transmitter. I promise to fly with a my best friend tomorrow, but the weather is a bit of a worry. Should I reserve a gymnasium?